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    Aqua™ - Hydrogen-rich Water Cup

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    Aqua™ - Hydrogen-rich Water Cup

    Revolutionary Solution for Diabetic Neuropathy Relief!

    Are you tired of the constant discomfort caused by diabetic neuropathy? The Aqua™ Water Bottle is a game-changer in the battle against numbness, tingling, and pain in your feet and hands. Harnessing the power of hydrogen-rich water, this rechargeable water generator uses advanced SPE/PEM technology to provide antioxidant-rich, alkaline water with unparalleled bioavailability. Say goodbye to symptoms, avoid amputation risks, and embrace a natural, affordable, life-changing solution.


    • Neuropathy Relief: Target the root cause with hydrogen-rich water to alleviate numbness, burning sensation, and pain associated with diabetic neuropathy.
    • Holistic Health Benefits: Antioxidant properties combat oxidative stress, promoting nerve health. Anti-inflammatory effects reduce inflammation, safeguarding your nerves. Neuroprotective qualities shield against nerve damage, enhancing overall well-being.
    • Convenience and Affordability: Treat diabetic neuropathy safely and affordably at home, avoiding expensive therapies and medications. Cost-effective solution with long-lasting results, saving you time and money.
    • Natural and Pure: Experience the benefits of natural hydrogen-rich water without reliance on medication. Enhance your quality of life by avoiding side effects associated with traditional treatments.

    How It Works:

    The Aqua™ Water Bottle utilizes advanced SPE/PEM technology, employing electrolysis to split water into hydrogen and oxygen gas. This hydrogen is then infused into the water, creating antioxidant-rich water with maximum bioavailability. The process ensures the expulsion of byproducts like Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Chlorine, providing you with pure and therapeutic hydrogen water.


    • Operating temperature: 0-100 ° C
    • Hydrogen concentration: 0.7-1.6PPB
    • Cup material: borosilicate glass
    • Product capacity: 360ml
    • Rated voltage: 5V
    • Rated power: 4W
    • Number of work: fully electro-charged 12-15 times
    • Fully charged time: 3-3.5 hours

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