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    Aura™ - Neck Massage

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    Aura™ - Neck Massage

    Eliminate Agonizing Neck & Back Pain at Home!

    Ever felt like the weight of the world is on your shoulders? Those long hours at the desk, endless Zoom calls, and just the daily grind taking a toll on your neck and shoulders? We get it. You're yearning for that perfect massage, but let's be honest, our loved ones aren't always in the mood to knead out those stubborn knots.

    Enter the Aura™ True Touch Massager: the first of its kind to truly replicate the sensation of trained, strong human hands. Just 10 minutes a day with our revolutionary massager feels like an hour with a professional therapist. Dive deep into those muscles, melt away the tension, and restore that bounce in your step.

    Whether you're watching your favorite show, at the office, or simply winding down before bed, the Aura™ True Touch Massager seamlessly fits into your day. And hey, no more waiting on someone else's schedule for that much-needed relief! With the Aura™ True Touch Massager, every day can be a spa day, right at your fingertips.

    Feel Good Without Bugging Your Partner - or Needing One!

    Do you have a sore neck or back and are tired of asking for a quick rub only to get a weak pat? Meet Aura™, your new hero. It doesn’t have a horse, but it's got the power to make your sore muscles feel awesome. Just push a button and you've got the skills of a massage expert, no need to ask anyone.

    Why wait for a special spa day when you can chill out any day with Aura™? It’s not just a back rub; it’s your ticket to Chill Ville, without any stops at Beg-For-A-Massage Station. It’s time to swap those ouches for laughs, because what’s better than giggling while getting the best rub down of your life?


    • Low Noise Experience - These massagers offer a low noise experience, with noise levels of less than 45, allowing for a peaceful and relaxing massage experience.

    • Type-C Interface Charging - The massagers use a Type-C interface charging, eliminating battery anxiety and allowing for a continuous massage experience.

    • Super material- The massage head is made of soft silicone material, providing a smooth and comfortable massage experience similar to human fingertips.

    • Heat function - our neck and shoulder massager with back massager has an optional heat function to enhance your massage experience.

    • Easy to Operate - These massagers are designed to be easy to operate, suitable for parents, with multiple built-in modes and forces to meet different needs, and adjustable through operation buttons.

    • Function- It can improve blood circulation and loosen back, lower back, neck, shoulder, leg, foot pain and tight muscles. it is a perfect choice as a gift for holidays, birthdays, graduations, and special occasions.


    • Material: ABS
    • Weight: 1100g
    • Battery capacity: 2000mAh
    • Charging interface: Type-c
    • Battery life: ≈ 70min

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